What is Growth?


As we grow, it is important to recognize the changes we have made as a person. Are they positive or negative? If negative, how can we fix them? If positive, how can we continue to move along the right path? In life we experience some setbacks that may hinder our growth, but it’s important to move forward and learn ways to measure our growth. So how do you know that you’re growing and not letting setbacks impede your growth?

I believe the 10 actions below help you understand your growth. If you recognize any of the actions below, you are growing and molding your personality as an individual.

I grow as a person by…

1) Taking responsibility for my life as it unfolds day to day. Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them.

2) Learning to love without the string of expectations. Expectations can lead to disappointments and understanding that people don’t really owe you anything, is a sign of growth. Expect nothing, but ensure there is mutual love, respect, and care.

3) Acting with integrity that flows from highly developed principles. Your values, whatever they may be, are instilled in your mind and are ingrained in your heart.

4) Mastering the discouraging fears of the unknown tomorrow. Fear is a common emotion among all of us, but being able to wake up every morning ready to face any challenges is a true sign of growth.

5) Learning who the best people to surround myself with are. These are the type of people who feed your growth, teach you something, are supportive, and most importantly, OPTIMISTIC. If you encounter a person who is pessimistic, your ability to not let them affect you is a sign of growth, as well as not allowing that type of negativity in your life.

6) Forgiving people for the mistakes they have made and moving forward. We all make mistakes. Forgiving a person for their mistake is a sign of maturity and strength.

7) Having a purpose and goal and working to accomplish it. We all need a purpose, whatever it may be. Setting your priorities straight and not wandering through life aimlessly is crucial to growth.

8) Depending on myself. If you want something, do it yourself! No one is going to hand you something on a silver platter. Life is tough and realizing that is a sign of growth.

9) Developing self-confidence that is generated from within. What people think about you is none of your business. Don’t base your confidence level based on others, but rather love yourself for who you are, with all your flaws and imperfections.

10) Focusing on myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and not comparing myself to anyone else. We are all different and comparing ourselves to anyone is pointless. This will only slow your progress in life and keep you from accomplishing your own goals. Your focus should be 100% on being the best version of yourself, keeping in mind what you want to accomplish along the way.
“Comparing is impoverishing your own experience.” – Paulo Coelho


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