It’s Not Just a Song

When I think of love I think of music. It has the power to transform my body and soul to a different place.  All of the sudden the pain I once felt lessens and I feel empowered beyond words.  One of the best things about music is it has the power to unite people of different colors and races. It has a taste that can satisfy every person with no kind of discrimination. During the 1950s and 60s, when African Americans were segregated and treated harshly by non-African Americans, music was one of the things that brought people of different colors together.  Musicians such as Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry were just a few of the artists who brought people together through their music.

The king of pop, Michael Jackson, once sang, “It doesn’t matter if your black or white.” His music is timeless to say the least and brings people together from all over the world. He spoke through his profound and heart-felt lyrics. No one cared that he was African American because he sang for a common cause. His music alone was enough to “heal the world and make it a better place.” When the artists mentioned performed and sang, people no longer judged them based on their color, but rather the way they performed, the lyrics they sang and the energy they possessed that spread quickly from across the room, eventually across the nation. What’s nice about music is it has the power to unite people and has no language. Even if you don’t understand the words in a song, you can definitely feel the words and emotions being perpetuated. They can be words of sadness, love, anger, or happiness. Music is artistic and can elate you or play along with any of the moods you are feeling. It can calm you or maybe frustrate you. It allows you to be okay with feeling certain feelings and joins people with common experiences together.

Music has the power to impact your mood and provide all the following:

1. Entertainment- Any kind of party is not the same without music.

2. Revival – Music revitalizes in the morning and calms in the evening.

3. Strong sensation- It has the affect to brighten your day and make you feel different emotions or sensations.

4. Diversion- Any negative feelings or thoughts can be healed when listening to music and bad experiences during the day can be diverted for a while.

5. Discharge- Music is a release of energy and a discharge of anything the mind and body does not need. It is cleansing in many ways.

6. Mental work-  Music allows a person to go into a different place and increases the brains mental work with is good for overall health.

7. Solace-  Music can provide a shared connection of experiences whether good or bad.

When I listen to singers such as the magnificent Adele, I feel empowered. When I listen to Bruno Mars, I feel beautiful just the way I am. When I listen to Mariah Carey, I remember people who I once loved and feel a sense of calmness listening to her sing. When I listen to Beyonce, I always feel confident in every sense, encouraged to be all I can be and not feel marginalized just because I am a girl. When I listen to Michael Jackson, I feel like I can do more to make the world a better place. When I listen to Celine Dion, I pray that someday I will be able to find someone who I love and loves me back unconditionally. Most importantly, what I think of when I listen to music is the impact it can make and the ways it can unite people to coexist regardless of anything that might differentiate them from each other. Music is like love; It knows no color, race, or gender.


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just a Song

  1. Love this post! It’s so true, and everything you said made sense. I love the way you were able to put the influence music has into words.

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