The Bigger Question

6,923,201,572→ This is the number of how many people exist on planet earth, according to the US Census Bureau. It is estimated that this number increases by 212,035 every day. When this fact ponders through my mind, it humbles me and somehow grounds me. We are so small compared to this world we live in. So what if we no longer existed on this planet? How would this change the greater of mankind or change the course of the world? This may sound pessimist and down right harsh but it doesn’t change at all. The world will not cease to exist and things will go on as they always have been. Family and friends will go through episodes of grief and despair and then what? The world will not suddenly pause, for after your departure it will go on as it always does.
So this leaves me with a question humans have not yet been able to find the answer to and may not ever find the answer to. What is our purpose on this planet? Should we even question what our purpose is? If not, then what is the purpose of the science, enlightenment and a curious mind that has lead us to discover so much about our planet? This may seem like such an accomplishment, but in fact we know nothing. You see, if we knew something about life and the world we live in, then how come there is so much hunger in the world? How come we have not ended world hunger when food should be a simple necessity and not a luxury?  Why is it so important to race through life and hang on to superficial and materialistic things? We all try so hard to hold on to what we want rather than what we need. We all want a bigger house, a nicer car, more money, the latest phone or gadget, and then even more money. Why? Are we going to take all these things with us when we die? Why have all these things come to define us and have been molded into becoming an extension of who we are today? These days we have become too attached to things that only give us temporary pleasure and happiness. A world in which happiness is marked by material gain is certainly a world I wish I do not live in, but this is a reality. Sometimes I wish I could have lived before or far after this time….
During this time, I create my own little world. A world in which people no longer feel the urge to have excessive things and are satisfied with what they need. What more do we need than shelter, love, food, clothes and water; the bare necessities? Nothing. The problem with our society today is that our wants have well exceeded our needs to an illustrious degree. How can we ever be content or satisfied with what we have if we keep asking for more? What kind of life is this? When you think of the population of the world and how minute we are in comparison to it, think of how you can make a difference that will be instead of insignificant or little, be huge.
My insignificance in this world pushes me harder to want to become something of a much higher caliber. I want to use what I know to become something that will make a difference in somebody’s life. I want to leave something to remember, so people won’t forget that I was here on this planet. I want to show the people I love I care about them and remind them of this each and everyday. This is what is important. Being a small person, a humbled person, but making a big difference. I want to leave my footprints on the sands time and know that I have made a difference in somebody’s life. That is how the world will know I was here. Well maybe not the world, but at least the people who matter to me the most. This is my purpose in life and what leaves me satisfied. This is how the world will know you were here and you existed.


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