My Eyes


They don’t understand how I think.
Dare to look a bit deeper.
My appearance may fool them.
I put on a smile,
I laugh at their thoughtless jokes,
I put on my mask that surely fools the world.
But not you.
Dressed to impress,
Perfection from head to toe.
Superficial some people might think.
No complexity,
No intelligence,
No soul,
No potential,
No depth,
Living life day by day they say,
No thoughts pondering about the future.
Little do they know that it echoes within me,
A solid whisper.
But you know something others don’t know.
That this is a façade,
A mask I put up so no one can enter.
I’m too complicated for words so I stand silent to their judgment,
But you know the truth.
Deep in my eyes,
You search and you know.
The depth and the power of my soul.
I’m no ordinary person.
You know this,
Only by searching within me.
When my eyes gaze into yours,
You see through the depth of my soul.
There is no where left to hide,
You see me through my eyes.


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