Move Your Body!

Beyonce is not only known all around the world for her amazing vocal talents, perfected dance moves, or natural acting skills. She is also a role model for children all over the world.

It is very rare in the entertainment industry to find such a combination.  Beyonce, along with the first Lady, Michelle Obama, started a “Lets Move” campaign to encourage the youth to take care of their bodies and overall well-being. With the extreme amount of obesity among children in the U.S., this campaign motivates the youth to take charge of their own bodies and develop healthier lifestyles. This campaign is a part of the NABEF (National Association Broadcast Education Foundation). The NABEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to reinforcing the future of broadcasting through a commitment to education, diversity and community service. For more about this visit their website at:

Beyonce makes her own music video clip by taking her song “Get Me Bodied” and changing it to “Move Your Body” that is a song children all over the world can sing, dance, and move along to. She shows off her dance moves  for the kids this time, filming a music video/public service announcement as part of a campaign against childhood obesity. Check out her video!


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