The Social Networking Generation

Social networking has sky rocketed whether we are talking about Facebook or Twitter.  It has created a new age among Internet users and has connected people from all over the world. It has emerged to the point that individuals are urged to even create their own social networks by using sites such as Ning. Our culture has shifted into this electronic age that may be pulling people apart rather than bringing them together and erasing any sense of privacy in an individual’s life if misused.

This new generation of Internet users spend countless hours per day using social networking sites which can be harmful in the future for real connections with people as opposed to the virtual connections made via these social networks.  Yes, these social networks are beneficial in many ways, but spending hours and hours per day using them can be harmful to a person’s physical as well as mental health. After all, too much of anything cannot be good.

I have posted a short Youtube documentary about how social networking has affected our society in the 21st century.


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