A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

“There’s always a TRUTH behind “just kidding”
“A little EMOTION behind “I don’t care”
“A little PAIN behind “its ok”
“A little I NEED U behind “leave me alone”
“And a lot of WORDS behind “silence”

Love!? Such a sensitive topic and a word that gets me flustered in more ways than one. It is something I try to avoid even talking about. No one can know the meaning of this word until one experiences it.   Why does that word always make me feel uneasy? I think because it is the scariest, most vulnerable, and unprotected feeling experienced by another human being.  When in love, the world seems different. Suddenly it seems like you and your loved one are the only two people on earth. Fights become public, but that doesn’t matter because its seems like its only you and the other person. Love is never like what we see in Hollywood movies or in any fairy tales. It is hard, exhausting and can potentially lead to a “broken” heart.

A loved one is the only person who can potentially hurt you. They have the power to make you the happiest person on earth or the most miserable person in the universe. They can affect you in every way possible.  They have this power over you. They can control you although they do not mean to.  Your wants and needs seem minimal and unimportant. You want them to be happy and make sure they are doing well. You will go out of your way to ensure their happiness, although sometimes this backfires.  Love is the most unselfish feeling experienced by an individual.

This power they have over you is something you cannot fight. Just with one word he/she can “break” your heart and throw you into a deep, dark hole. The line between love/hate is very thin. You say sometimes you hate the person just so someday you can convince yourself you really do, but inside you never will or even want to. No matter how many tears he/she put on your face, he/she did make you smile once upon a time…

Love is not something to be avoided, but it is something one should never look for.  When the time comes it comes. Love knows no color, religion, race, or gender. Love is pure and innocent. You love someone and that’s it. The feelings are there. You know you love a person when suddenly as he/she approaches and you feel like the world suddenly paused. Seeing him/her smiling can turn your day from the worst day of your life to the happiest day of your life. Your pain is minimal now because the person you love is happy. Love is something that cannot be forced upon a person. You either feel it or you don’t.  The signs are obvious because this person makes you feel like no other person has made you feel.

Love to me is made up of two things: a caring nature and respect for the other person. Without this foundation, love can never be reached.

Some people are too afraid to fall in love. But who can blame them? It can freak out the most courageous and bold person. Who wants to be vulnerable and open him or herself up to be hurt or heart-broken? These people protect themselves in every way possible. They push away the one person who cares about them the most. Maybe they do this because they have experienced love in their lives and know of all the heartache it can bring. Love is not pretty.

But why do we love when we know of the potential pain that will be created inside us? Why? Well, because to be in love and care so much about one person is worth it. It is worth all the pain in the world to feel love and to be loved in return. Some people are not lucky enough to experience this feeling.  To those people, I sincerely pity you. No one said love is a fairly tale…

When in love, one allows a person break down his or her walls. You are no longer protected. Your walls go down. This person is now a part of you.

Not being with the person you love is one of the hardest things anyone can experience. You no longer have them by your side, to kiss you, to hug you, or to simply sit next to you. They do not want you anymore. Sometimes they will say it to your face. It would be better if they just stabbed you in the heart. At first you are in denial of this but time will tell you that it’s true. They will date someone else and love someone else. Hold someone else’s hand and kiss someone else’s lips. They will not care about you anymore and yes they will tell you this to your face. The person hurts you and you vow never to speak to them again, but then you do. You want that person in your life although you know you can never have them or be with them. They have left a mark in your heart that cannot be erased. Maybe this sounds corny, but it is true. In this case you feel like your world is over. But it isn’t. You will find someone else as long as your heart is willing to love again. Who knows, maybe this time it will be even better. A heart cannot be broken because when something is broken it can’t be fixed. A heart can and will heal and can be mended. Time is what heals all pain.

All in all, love is a four-letter word with more strength than anything on the planet. It’s what separates us from the real world. It’s funny how in the beginning love starts out so beautifully, but then how all your walls come down and your defenses disappear. Suddenly this person you love has the potential to hurt you in ways no other person can. You could be happy, sad, and angry, all at the same time. Love plays with your head. Sometimes you feel crazy, bipolar or even schizophrenic. It’s hard to imagine that one single individual can make you feel all these things at once.

What makes this person so special? Well, when you love a person you see things in him or her no one else sees. People will ask you all the time, “Why do you care about him/her so much?” or “Why this person?” or “What makes him/her so special.” They will ask these questions with a very innocent, curious mind. Sometimes you are shocked because you see these amazing things in a person that others don’t see. You see their innocence and inner beauty. That’s when you know you love a person. You see potential in all their flaws. To you, they are royalty, while to others, they are mere commoners. They are perfect in your eyes. Others think of this person as a regular, ordinary person, but to you, they are extraordinary. This love is unconditional. This love is blind to any flaws. This love never dies with time.

Love is pain and a huge headache. But do we regret falling in love? No.  Experiencing love has its downfalls, but who cares! Just one moment with a loved one is worth any kind of pain or displeasure. Just having him/her next to you makes everything right in the world. In his/her arms one feels safe, comfortable, and loved. What can be better than this?


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